Are You Sabotaging Yourself From Feeling Good?



Let’s talk about Feeling Good!

It all comes down to frequency and energy.

“Everything is energy.” Albert Einstein.

And energy is everything!!

The more you raise your energy and vibration, the more you’ll attract and create the life that you love.

Feeling good is what it’s all about. And I mean the true inner feeling good that vibrates and emanates from the essence of your being.

It’s no longer about having to be doing or producing to feel good.

I have found that the old way of living and doing things isn’t inspiring for many of my clients, former perfectionists, people-pleasers, or very high-achieving individuals anymore. The truth is, it never really was.

Sure, it may have felt safer, but now it no longer resonates.

So why does it not always feel safe or comfortable to feel SO good?

One reason is that it likely feels unfamiliar.

Ease, flow, joy and fun may feel unfamiliar, whereas old patterns of feeling challenged, pushing or performing were the norm and familiar feelings.

As humans, we try to run towards what feels familiar and run away from the unfamiliar even if it is not for our highest good.

For example, if not feeling good is the familiar. Often, you’re going to do things that keep you feeling not great.

Let’s say you’ve been eating well and vibrating at a higher frequency; at the end of the day, you may choose to consume something that makes you feel like crap to make yourself feel safer and more comfortable.

This could be because it feels unnatural to feel so good.

Another thing that could happen is that it might not have been safe for you to feel great in the past.

Here’s a subconscious block that I released recently.

The memory that surfaced was when I was 11 years old, and I was hanging out with my friends. This particular group of people weren’t necessarily the highest vibe people.

It wasn’t that my energy was better than there’s. It was just different.

I was innately a happy kid who was optimistic and sensitive to other people’s energies.

Because of this, I didn’t feel like I belonged. I felt like I was too happy. I felt like an alien.

It was challenging for me to hang out with my friends at the vibration I was in, so I would unconsciously pull my energy down to feel like I fit in more.

By doing so, I was disconnecting from my heart and my energy.

You can either live through your heart or fear.

When you are in your heart, nothing is missing. This is where you experience states of gratitude, inspiration, wisdom and love.

When you are in fear, you are in your emotions. This is where your energy decreases as well as your vibration.

I often felt alone in the past because I felt like I didn’t connect with many people because the frequencies didn’t resonate.

The truth is, I wasn’t allowing myself to connect with my heart and own my energy and happiness.

When you are connected with your heart, that’s when you feel most fulfilled. That’s when you feel most successful, happy, joyful and loved.

A heart connection is one of the best ways to increase your energy, vitality and frequency.

So how can you connect with your heart? What are the things you can do?

One of the things you can do is stop doing the things that feel familiar that pull you out of your heart. For example, reduce or eliminate food, social media, places, people, etc., that decreases your energy or vibration.

On the flip side, it put more energy and attention towards things that your heart would love.

This may include eating healthy organic foods, being in nature, soulful conversations, fun, adventure, etc.

The key is to make FEELING GOOD the familiar and the things that no longer serve you the unfamiliar.

And that’s where it gets fun; life is supposed to be fun!

My desire for you is that you start taking action to move your heart towards what it would love, get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and know you’ll be supported.