Before you quit your day job, read this!



Have you ever thought about leaving your day job to pursue something that is more inspiring to you and that allows you to have the freedom to live life on your terms?

Many of the people I work with are professionals, such as lawyers, psychologists, teachers, holistic doctors, etc., who entered their field because they wanted to help other people.

What they found, though, is that they are now ready to leave and shift into doing something where they feel like they have the freedom to create the impact and change that they truly desire.

Whether you are looking to become a coach, solopreneur, entrepreneur, or create a business where you can work from anywhere, one key thing many people overlook when leaving their day job to live a life of freedom is their intention behind it.

If this is you, before you leave your job, ask yourself this…

Are you leaving from love and inspiration or are you leaving because you dislike (despise, hate, etc…) your current job?

Essentially there are two ways you can leave your job. You can leave from inspiration, or you can leave from fear.

I recommend you take the time and do the work necessary to leave it from inspiration. This will save you time, money and a lot of life lessons down the road.

The truth is, anything you do not love, you just keep attracting over and over again until you learn to love it. 

It’s the Universe’s way of helping you learn that lesson. If you don’t love what you are doing, and you don’t see the perfection in it, you’ll just recreate the same lessons, the same emotions and the same challenges in your next vocation.

This is why I recommend taking the time to dissolve the emotions and come from a neutral, loving perspective when you leave.

Most people know this but they don’t want to believe it.

To have a successful business, where you have people coming in steadily and have a good rhythm in your business, it takes approximately three to five years.

Knowing that it takes on average three to five years to create a sustainable and profitable business can help balance some of the fantasy that comes with leaving your career and starting your own business.

When you first decide that you want to leave your career, it can feel exciting knowing that you can create something where you have more freedom to grow your income, have a more significant impact, and live life on your terms.

The truth is having a business can and does allow for more freedom, AND it also requires a ton of work and asks you to step up and grow personally as well.

When you can see both sides and see the whole picture, it will help you be more grounded. 

There are tons of advantages to going out on your own. There are also advantages to what you are currently doing.

The key is to see both sides.

Ask yourself, how is what you’re doing currently actually helping you to be able to have the life and the freedom that you want later on?

By seeing the positives in your current job, you’re able to leave with more love; you’re able to leave from a place of “I choose to” leave as opposed to “I have to” leave.

This is powerful and will save you so much time and energy down the road because you won’t have to recreate the same feelings and emotions, and situations in your new career or new endeavour.

The purpose of this is to help you have a balanced perspective of leaving.

Many people get infatuated with leaving their career and having their own business because they hate what they are currently doing and see their new vocation as the answer to their freedom and happiness.

If you are only looking at it from one side and this unbalanced perception, you’ll end up swinging in your emotions and be on a rollercoaster ride. It will also end up in you resenting your business.

Instead, try this!


Exercise A:

Ask yourself, what are the benefits of your current job/ career? Write out at least 25 benefits of working in your current role.

Ie. You have a steady paycheque. You don’t have to go out and look for clients, etc.

Keep writing until you can’t think of anything else. Check all the eight areas of your life, including spiritual, vocational, financial, social, physical, familial, mental, and environmental.


Exercise B:

Ask yourself the drawbacks of being self-employed (insert business idea, coaching, stay-at-home business, etc.).

Write at least 25 drawbacks to you going out on your own. What are some of the disadvantages of being self-employed?  Think in terms of all the eight areas of your life. Aim to have the same number of drawbacks as you did benefits.


The truth is being self-employed, and having a job that gives you a steady paycheck every week, are two different ballgames.

By neutralizing some of those charges and seeing the reality of what is, it will help you have more love for the process and move forward much faster.

As you navigate this, just know that pursuing your dream and taking the next step in living a life of freedom can be scary! It is common to experience both conscious and subconscious fears when you play bigger.

What if I make a mistake?
What if I’m not safe?
What if I lose my security?
What if I fail?
Etc. Etc.

When playing bigger, it’s essential to have tools and resources to help you navigate the limiting beliefs.

If you are serious about moving your dream forward and living a life of freedom, reach out to me to schedule a free clarity call: