Becoming So In Love With Your Life!

You're An Extraordinary Soul!!

You know that you are capable of great things. You are here because you want to create and live your most extraordinary life.

The problem is you are not living up to everything you know you can be! 

True or False?

If you answered TRUE to any of the above, keep reading...

This probably means that sometimes you feel frustrated, confused, and ultimately overwhelmed because something just doesn’t feel right within you.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are the person holding yourself back?

Do you sometimes get the sense that you are your own worst enemy?

Did you used to be so light-hearted, but now everything feels so serious?

Even though to the outside world you are thriving, sometimes on the inside, you feel like you are not living the life you were meant to.

I've Been There...

Like many of my high-performer clients, on the outside, it looked like I was living a perfect life. I had a loving marriage, amazing friends and family, stunning home, income properties, a successful six-figure career, good health, and so on.

If you looked on the inside though, I still felt like the life I had created wasn’t enough, and I was still searching for that missing piece – but I didn’t know what that was. I felt depleted, helpless, anxious, lost, and frustrated within my career, and I felt like I was wasting my life.

Luckily, I confided in a good friend about how I was feeling, and that started a journey that led me to discover how to reconcile these “obstacles” in my life.

Through doing my inner work, I was able to connect to my heart and remove subconscious blocks, old patterns, and limiting beliefs. This helped to transform my life fully and completely.

Living the life I was meant to...

Doing the inner work has helped me elevate my life in ways I would never have thought possible, including…

  • More than doubling my income (in the first 12 months)
  • Launching an International Coaching Business
  • Having more time and freedom to focus on doing what I love
  • A more consciously loving relationship with myself, my partner, family, and friends
  • Feeling more inspired and energized
  • Having more fun!

Most importantly, I feel like I am living the life I was meant to!

One of my biggest takeaways from doing my inner work is how important it is to have a tool and resources to help you transform your limiting beliefs and connect with your heart.

After seeing how much this has transformed my life and those around me, I have a huge desire to help others do the same.

"Before working with Andrea, my life was chaotic and foggy. After working with her, I have been able to make the bravest choices and live my most amazing life. She's a goddess! I highly recommend her!"
Chelsey Roche
Holistic Practitioner, Ont.

If you want to transform your life, here's the good news... 

I have developed a 3-Step process to you becoming your most extraordinary self.

It is offered as an incredibly intimate coaching program to help you experience a profound transformation so that you can become a master of your beliefs and own your inner game.

Part of what we’ll do is help you create clarity around what your heart desires, identify what’s holding you back, and help you develop strategies to successfully reach your goals, much faster!

I take you through a process to get you clear on what you are most passionate about and what you truly want to achieve.
We go through exercises and use leading-edge techniques to help you realize and release the things that are holding you back, including old beliefs and “self-sabotaging” behaviour.
We create a custom action plan for you to move your life forward and experience lasting transformation.
Together, we’ll identify those things that light you up, and we’ll work from the inside out to discover how you can put them to work in creating the best life you can live. The ultimate goal is for you to learn to fully enjoy who you are, what you do and what you have. I am here on the journey with you, bringing insights, feedback, and accountability so you can fully embrace who you are and bring the best out of you.

Your path to extraordinary will lead to…

"I cannot rave enough about Andrea’s coaching sessions! Before beginning my work with Andrea, I was feeling so hopeless about life and I was not able to get past what was holding me back in truly going for what I felt passionate for. I had so much fear that stopped me from making steps forward toward what felt joyful in my heart. Through her heart centred approach, and compassionate, and encouraging demeanour, Andrea was able to guide me through situations in my life that had created blocks and fear! I feel more inspired, connected, hopeful and joyful for what life is to bring me after our sessions, and I would highly recommend her as a coach if you want to transform your life!"
Lianne Gravitis
Business Owner, Oakville, ON

Book a So In Love With Your Life Session!

During our call, we’ll learn more about your dreams, as well as the obstacles that stand in your way. You don’t have to settle for the life you are living — take the next steps in unleashing your highest potential and start getting lasting results today!

Step 1


During our call, we will learn more about your desires, as well as the obstacles that stand in your way.

Step 2


Gain clarity on your heart’s desires and your top goals for the next year. Identify limiting beliefs that have held and are currently holding you back. Achieve your specific outcomes.

Step 3


You don’t have to settle for the life you are living — take the next steps in unleashing your highest potential and start getting lasting results today!

I created this program because…

I know what it feels like to experience feeling stuck and like you are living an unfulfilled life. I also know what it feels like to have transformed my inner game – doing this work has impacted my life in the most amazing and inspiring ways.

It is my mission to help others do the same.

I truly believe that everyone is worthy and deserving of having an extraordinary life.

Following your heart and unleashing your greatness is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and others. You are meant to shine!

I would love to chat more and see how I can help you on your journey.

Meet Andrea...

I am a former police detective turned human potential coach. As the Founder and CEO of AP Coaching, I work with high-performing women, helping them to release the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from their greatness, and enabling them to live their most extraordinary lives.

As a highly sought-after international speaker, my insights have been featured in documentaries, transformational podcasts, and Jack Canfield’s upcoming book.

My client list includes Professors, Doctors, C-Suite Executives, Professional Athletes, and Emmy Award-Winning Producers.

Owning your worth and loving who you are is one of the BEST gifts that you can give yourself and others. I am so proud of you wherever you are on your journey. Just know that you are so loved and that you deserve to live your best life. You’ve got this!!

XO- Andrea