What If You Become The Couple That You Always Dreamt You Would Be?

It’s time to get Deeply Connected!!!

Welcome to Deeply Connected...

An experience for conscious couples who are ready to co-create a life
they are so in love with… together

You have a desire to experience your most extraordinary relationship.

You have a desire to continually grow together.

You have a desire to see how fun life can get. 

These desires do not imply that anything is wrong with your relationship or that you’re not happy. It’s that you want to experience more fun, joy, intimacy, and adventure together.

Here's the Secret....

Your relationship and your life together can be everything you both have ever desired and more.

Logically, you know that. In your heart, you believe that.

In reality…You aren’t quite there yet.

This is Mastery Level!

You’ve been trying to implement all of the growth you’ve done as an individual to a couple’s dynamic, and it’s not working.  And it never will. 

Because this arena is different, this is mastery-level! Not only do you have to be conscious of your own growth areas, but now you are adding in your partner’s as well. This means their patterns, their beliefs, their stories, their conditioning, their desires, and most importantly, their dreams.

This is no longer about doing more on your own. It’s about coming together as co-creators and deeply connecting as an unstoppable unit.

This next level of thriving as a couple will require you to play at a higher level, embracing your dreams and fears and stepping into the unknown together. And to do that successfully – you need to commit to a deeper level of self-trust, self-love, vulnerability, and courage like you have never experienced before.

Sounds fun, right?

We’ve been there....

and now we are going to challenge you to stop overcomplicating your growth as a couple. 

Many people look at us now and see us thriving, doing what we love and enjoying life on the lake together.

The truth is, we both struggled with believing we were worthy of having the relationship we desired.

This understanding led us on a challenging journey that forced us to CHOOSE to do the necessary work to co-create the relationship and life we are grateful to have today.

Let us share some insight into what this looked like for us…

  • After years of pouring ourselves into relationships that didn’t work, we individually made an intentional commitment to ourselves to never settle for anything less than extraordinary again. (This was before we even met!)

  • Courageously making conscious decisions to give up what was familiar to put our relationship first.

  • United, we sat our family members down to share the news that we were getting married, despite knowing it would not go well. Big surprise – it didn’t. LOL.

  • We lived several hours apart during our first year of marriage so we could ‘get ahead’ in our careers.

  • Explored multiple business ideas in hopes one day we could have the freedom we always desired. It’s a long list, but here are a few… MLM, Real Estate Investing, Retreat Centre, Wellness Services, Property Management Services, Dog Kennel, etc. It’s hilarious and exhausting looking back at this now especially because we were both also working full-time jobs.

  • Invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in mentors, certifications, personal development and worked 90+ hour weeks because we believed it would bring us closer to creating the life we claimed we wanted.
  • We used our vacation time to drive 6 hours round trip to see our Coach each month for 5 years so that we could strategically work on taking the life we were actively manifesting and turn it into our reality.

  • Founded an International Coaching Business and co-founded a Painting Business.

  • Left our ‘secure’ government jobs to bet on ourselves and go all-in on our Coaching Business.

  • Prioritized the values of our relationship (fun + adventure)!

  • Bought our dream house on the lake and fully renovated it in 45 days during a full lock-down. 

  • Left behind the checklists, to-do’s, hustle, and replaced it with truly enjoying each day.

  • Poured a ton of love, energy and commitment into ourselves, each other, and our partnership so that we could make what was our dream for over a decade – our reality.

None of this would have been possible without the inner work that we committed to individually and as a couple.

Our commitment to living our most extraordinary lives together is our superpower.

Join Deeply Connected

A 12-week experience for conscious couples who are ready to master their communication, experience more intimacy, and start thriving in every area of their relationship and life, together!

These 3 months will be game-changing. Our Deeply Connected experience is different from other relationship courses that exist today as we make sure our couples are introduced to the tools and methodologies that the top human behavioural specialists and relationship experts use to help individuals and couples reach their true potential.

"Andrea Parker is an amazing coach and a great tool to have in your back pocket if you’re thinking of moving forward in creating your most amazing life. Andrea has a unique way of finding and targeting subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck. If you are looking to earn or keep more money, create a more loving relationship and have better health, than working with Andrea is for sure your first step in the right direction."
Andrea Parker Typing on computer
Mary Anne Lightfoot
Entrepreneur, Toronto, ON
"I have a better awareness and ability to listen to my heart. I find it easier to recognize and know what my heart wants. I am also a lot more comfortable communicating both what I want and what I do not want. I am a better advocate for myself and actually believe that I am worthy of what my heart wants. It’s profound and amazing. "

wooden yin and yang
Jenn Newman
Teacher, Hamilton, ON


Here’s How We Help You Co-Create A Life You Are So In Love With:

Co-creation requires deeper self-love, self-trust, and COURAGE!


How gratitude impacts your ability to love yourself

What the 2 stages of human development are

The secret to the next level of self-trust

Ways to align your actions with what you desire

Values are based on what your life demonstrates. Vision is based on who you are becoming. 


Understand what you and your partner’s highest values are

Set clear intentions that align with your highest values

Establish a shared vision with your partner

Become confident in how to make this vision a reality

You will be required to expand your inner capacity to give and receive love (and energy).


The power of the give + receive cycle

Consciously claim what you want

Gain comfort with receiving everything you desire

To release your subconscious beliefs with ease

In order to co-create effectively, you have to care more about yourself, your partner, and the energy you bring to your daily life.


To use your energy to attract what you desire

Connect with your feelings and your inner knowing

To take responsibility for your energy

Tap into your courage to choose a new way of being

Vulnerability and openness are the essential keys to loving self-expression.


The root of every fear in a relationship 

Effective communication to be more resilient as a couple

Become unstoppable as a team

Why challenging yourself leads to support

Let’s see how fun life can become!


Get off the sidelines and show up

Choose the game you want to play

Trust the process 

Manifesting your new future together

6 Modules With 12 Lessons With All The Teachings

These lessons are going to encourage you and your partner to look at your relationship from a new lens that will allow you to co-create the life you always have dreamed of!

Weekly 90-Min Live Group Sessions Via Zoom

Each week you will be provided with a module to work through individually and together. These group sessions will include teachings, breakouts, practical exercises, group discussions, interventions, hot seats, and q+a.

Private Member Community

This community group is designed to share, celebrate, connect, and co-create together!

Deeply Connected Playbook

You will receive key resources, templates, and exercises that you can revisit time and time again throughout the various stages of your relationship!

You Ready?!

Pay In Full

1 Payment of $2000/couple

3 Month Payment Plan

3 Payments of $750

Picture How Your Relationship Would Be Different If You Both…

What if you become the couple that you always dreamt you would be?

Well...what are you waiting for? It’s time to get Deeply Connected.

Let’s Do It!

Pay In Full

1 Payment of $2000/couple

3 Month Payment Plan

3 Payments of $750

Meet Andrea...

Andrea is a former police detective turned Human Potential Coach. She founded AP Coaching, where she co-creates magic with fun, inspiring humans to release the limiting subconscious beliefs holding them back, so they can confidently thrive personally and professionally.

As a highly sought-after coach and renowned International Speaker, her insights have been featured in documentaries, transformational podcasts, and Jack Canfield’s upcoming book, Unstuck. 

Meet Mel....

Mel is a former professional hockey player, and entrepreneur. As a partner in AP Coaching and co-host of 2 Peas in a Pod Co-Creating Magic Podcast, she loves inspiring couples to live their best life, together, while seeing how fun life can get!

Meet Mel....

Mel is a former professional hockey player, and entrepreneur. As a partner in AP Coaching and co-host of 2 Peas in a Pod Co-Creating Magic Podcast, she loves inspiring couples to live their best life, together, while seeing how fun life can get!

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