Don’t cheat yourself. Ask for HELP!



In the industrial age, we were told that you have to go to school and get good grades so that you can get a ‘secure’ job.

We were taught that you couldn’t copy off anybody in doing so, you aren’t allowed to ask for help, and you had to do it alone, or else it’s cheating.

We were also taught that you have to sit at a desk. You can’t play. Life (and ‘work) was meant to be serious, and it couldn’t be fun, or else you’ll fail.

Not only is this the furthest from the truth. It’s the old, outdated, soul-sucking way of doing things.

I’m a solid NO THANK you for living my life based on those uninspiring paradigms and systems.

The NEW WAY is all about living from your heart and creating from a place of inspiration, love, joy and fun!

In this new way, it’s safe to enjoy and be you!

Even better, you get to share the journey with other inspiring folks, and you no longer have to do it alone.

Here’s an example of what playing for your dreams in this new way looks like.

My client had recently set an ambitious goal. It was MASSIVE but doable.

I am super proud of her because she played big and did ALL the things!

For instance, she did her inner work; we removed blocks and upgraded her beliefs.

We created a plan for her, and she focused on the high-priority action steps.

She did her homework. She worked on believing she was worthy of it and when fear popped up, we released it. She also played with the fear, felt it and did it anyway. These are all common steps and actions for playing for your dreams.

I am SO proud of her because she also got out of her comfort zone and ASKED FOR HELP!!

One of her homework action steps was to reach out to her network and ask them for help.

The truth is, she was playing a massive game and had a big goal, which she ended up achieving. But that’s beside because the point. The real win is that she gave herself permission to be vulnerable and ask others for help even though she felt like asking for help was cheating.

I love how she owned her worth and transformed her beliefs.

I was so inspired by what she had written me I asked for her permission to share it with you because I believe it’s powerful!!

Here is what she said…

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did what you said, and I reached out to my network and told my people what I was doing.

You were right; asking for help is not a bad thing; asking for what I want is the only way to get it.

I deserve to ask for what I want; I deserve to reap the benefits of working really freaking hard.

Sometimes I feel like asking for help is “Cheating” or makes the win less significant. It’s just not true. It would make missing out more of a disappointment knowing that all I would have had to do is ASK.


Thank you for letting me be fully open and honest.

Thank you for providing me with the tools to work toward my goal and find the balance in all of it.


The reason I love this so much is that she committed to herself. She felt the fear, did her inner work, and when the fear was still present, she took action anyways!!!

This is what it looks like to have the courage to show up for your dreams!

It’s such a great example of why asking your network for help is worth it!

The truth is, if you don’t need to ask for help, odds are you aren’t playing big enough.

Asking for help is what is going to get you to the next level.

Of course, you don’t want to ask just anyone for help.

Having a guide in your corner or mentors who have a track record of success in similar areas of your goals is wise.

It is also wise to build a community of other like-minded people who you can ask for help.

If you don’t have one. I recommend you start to create one. This takes time, and you will constantly be upgrading, tweaking, adding and subtracting from this group, but it’s worth the time, energy and investment.

Collaboration is the NEW way!

Ask for help! It is likely the thing that will help you break through to the next level!

If you aren’t willing to ASK for help. You might want to ask yourself, why not?

Odds are it’s because of an old limiting belief that no longer serves you.

Somewhere along your journey, your subconscious mind likely associated more danger than safety with asking for help.

This is something that can be released. Releasing subconscious blocks at a cellular level is my specialty so let me know if you need more information on how to do this.

In the meantime, I invite you to challenge yourself and ASK for help!

What is one ASK that you have this week?