Don’t Lose Sight Of What’s Important On Your Pursuit For Having More…

A few weeks ago, I put Mel and me through a career and finance workshop. This is something that we do individually and as a couple at least twice a year. I find it not only gives us more clarity, alignment, and focus but it also helps us to stop missing the point.

Are you missing the point? I know we were!

It is so easy to get caught up in the pursuit of being, having and doing more, more, more – that you unconsciously become sidetracked from what’s really important.

Lynne Twist talks about this “toxic myth” that “more is better” in her book, Soul of Money.

In a culture where more is better and we are constantly bombarded with messages that don’t stop telling us that we need more and more…

…That we aren’t smart enough, skinny enough, funny enough, pretty enough, or whatever enough until we buy more, have more and become more…

…It’s no surprise that most of us are spending much of our time, energy, finances, and life doing whatever we can to have more.

Just know that the pursuit for more is driven by fear and leads to lack.

More actually leads to lack.

It is no wonder why most of us are feeling lost, frustrated, unfulfilled and stuck.

The pursuit for more is not only an unwinnable and exhausting game; it is leading you to miss the point.

When I have this… when I can help this many people… when I get to explore this place… then I will be… happier, more fulfilled and complete.

The key is to being ok with where you are at now, with whom you are now, and knowing that you are already enough.

You are ENOUGH!

Here is an awesome exercise that I find to be super helpful and a huge game changer, not only for Mel and me but for my clients as well.

Write how well you could enjoy your life if you did not make any more money than what you make right now. How would you make it as fulfilling as possible?

After looking at how I was spending my time and constantly hustling in search of doing, having and being more… I can see that I was missing the point and that most of my time has been about pushing for a better life rather than just enjoying what I have now.

I have been so focused on doing more, serving more and being more and not putting as much effort into all the other areas of our life. The next 6 months I am still going to focus not only on serving BUT also on slowing down, enjoying my life, enjoying what I have and truly living in the now.

Taking the time to enjoy what you have now is abundance!

You never know when this life of yours could end and wouldn’t it be a drag to go “Crap, I missed the point! I didn’t take time to enjoy my life while I was on planet earth!”

Remember, the constant search for more leads to lack.

Appreciation leads to appreciation.


1. Write how well you could enjoy your life if you did not make any more money than what you make right now.

2. How would you make it as fulfilling as possible?

3. Appreciation leads to appreciation. Focus on appreciating where you are at now.