How To Live In Your VALUES (not someone else’s)



I have created a 7-Step Process designed to help those already in love with their lives see how good it can get!

Each step is integrated, often simultaneously, to help you to be able to live in Stage Two of Human Development, where you can discover what is possible when you live from your heart!

The key is to align your time, energy and beliefs that serve you in a way that allows at your highest level possible.

The goal is to create from a place of inspiration and love, while having the time of your life.

Let’s take a deeper look into one of the steps, which is all about VALUES.

The key to this step is to align your time and energy with your highest values.

As Dr. John Demartini teaches, your values are created by your voids. By putting time and attention towards your highest values, you fulfill them, and thus your life becomes more fulfilling.

The truth is everyone has different values.

One thing that can get you stuck is trying to live in someone else’s values.

Judgment is one of the most significant ways to get pulled out of alignment, out of authenticity.

So how do you know if you are living in your values rather than someone else’s?

A clue you are living according to someone else’s values is you are saying things like, I should be doing this. Or I ought to. I have to. Etc.

Life can feel frustrating when you compare yourself and try to live in someone else’s value system. Often there is a lot of guilt, shame and fear that comes along with it.

Not only is it not loving, but it’s also not fun! You are playing an unwinnable game!

Your real power and magnificence come from owning your values and living within them.

A clue you are living according to your values is when you say things like, I LOVE to; I choose to! I want to!

When you are coming from that place, you’ll feel more aligned, empowered and inspired.

This is Stage Two living (where you are living from the values of your heart- which to me is true success).

The next time you come from a place of “I should” or “I have to,”… check-in and ask where you got this idea from.

Whose definition of success/ fulfillment or the way that things should be done is this?

Did you adopt this from your family, friends, society, institutions, etc.?

Whose values are you injecting onto yourself?

Just know that when you are injecting or adopting someone else’s values, it’s often those people who you admire or look up to.

When you look up to someone, you also simultaneously look down on someone (both forms of judgment take you out of your heart and authenticity). For those you put below you, you try to impose your values onto them.

For example, have you heard yourself thinking they should be doing this or they have to do it this way, etc.?

This is also an unwinnable game.

It is wiser to identify your top values. Own it! And then align your time and energy with what you value most.

Rather than comparing yourself to others, see that the things you like in others you also have in yourself. It’s not better or worse; it’s just in a different form.

Honour your uniqueness and yourself. You are worth it!

I could go on about the importance of living in your values for probably a week, lol.

The biggest takeaway I’d love for you to know is that aligning your time and energy with your highest values (and what is truly important to you) is the most efficient, effective and fulfilling way to live! When you are spending time on what you love, it raises your vibration, energy and vitality.

It all comes back to energy!

If you’d love to deep dive more into VALUES, I am hosting a series of workshops this fall where we do just that.

The Career/ Business Fulfillment Workshop on October 22nd will be a good one, especially for learning what your top values are and how you can earn good money doing what you love.

You’ll discover your current top values and practical steps on how you can align your time and energy with them. This is a fun one!

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