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If You’re Counting On The Lottery To Change Your Life I’m Sorry to Say You’re Wasting Your Time

If You’re Counting On The Lottery To Change Your Life I’m Sorry to Say You’re Wasting Your Time

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If you had asked Mel and I 5 years ago what our big financial plan was we would have probably told you some of the stuff we were up to like investing, saving and planning for our future.

The truth is although those were the things we were doing, that wasn’t our actual number one plan.

I’m almost embarrassed to say it now but Mel and I’s big plan for living the life that we wanted to live was to win the lottery.

This legit was our plan!

We were going to manifest our way to winning the lottery so that we could then buy the things we wanted so that we could live our ideal life. So we could then feel happier and more fulfilled.

We even went as far as creating a big replica cheque (out of cardboard) for millions of dollars from the OLG. We would visualize receiving the cheque and write long elaborate scripts of what we would do and how we would feel when we won.

This may sound silly, or maybe not so silly (perhaps even genius) to some because maybe you too feel or have felt the same way.

Looking back now it seems kind of crazy. Our plan A for being able to live the life of our dreams was to win the lottery.

This is true for so many people though.

And it’s not like we weren’t doing ok financially. The truth is that we were doing more than ok. We had stable government jobs, pensions, a beautiful home, and investments. We were smart with our money and had healthy growth habits.

On top of that, I really enjoy learning about finance, wealth and different forms of income streams and was actually quite knowledgeable. I often read books and took many courses on wealth and finances. I even worked at a bank for a year after University.

So why then would two people who are pretty successful and wise regarding their finances have relied on winning the lottery as their number 1 plan.

Here’s the deal. The big reason we thought that this was the be all end all and the best way to generate the money we wanted is because of this…

  1. We didn’t believe that we could do it ourselves (a subconscious belief that we were not capable or worthy)
  2. We didn’t want to wait and wanted it right then and there
  3. We were acting from FEAR and DESPERATION

It wasn’t even about the money at all. It was about how we wanted to feel. And we wanted to FEEL happier, more fulfilled and more successful right away. We didn’t want to wait. We didn’t want to have to continue doing the jobs that we were doing.

We were unhappy on the inside and were looking for a quick fix.

We felt stuck and needed a way out.

What I’m about to say you may not want to hear, especially if your number one plan is to win the lottery. But if you are that person then all the more reason to stay with me on this…

Just know that you are NOT going to win the lottery. There I said it. You are not going to win it big. You are NOT going to hit the jackpot. It’s just not going to happen.

AND even if you do win the lottery just know that the odds of you keeping your money is pretty slim. The reason most lottery winners are worse off financially after winning the lottery is that they aren’t able to energetically hold or have that amount of money.

Money is an energy game and about worthiness. It’s not to say that people with money are more worthy than others because we are ALL worthy. What it does have to do with is how much money each person feels they are energetically able to have in any given moment. And the beliefs and relationship you have with money.

If you are unable to attract more money in your life it’s because of your belief and relationship with money.

For instance, perhaps you attached a subconscious belief that rich people are greedy, that money doesn’t make you happy, or people who have money are bad.

So if you don’t have a loving money story and if subconsciously you don’t believe that you are worthy of having that amount of money then you will subconsciously find ways to get rid of the money. This could be in terms of overspending, making pour investment decisions, etc.

That is why the majority of lottery winners are broke.

The reason I am drilling this into your head is because I want you to know that winning the lottery is NOT the solution to you living a better life. Winning the lottery is NOT the solution to you being happier.

Once you can let go of the fantasy of winning the lottery then the real magic happens and you can start tapping into a different kind of lottery. And that comes from within.

This is when it all started to change for Mel and I…

I remember we were at a friends house for dinner and she had asked each of us about our big dream in life and why we wanted that.

This was one of the first times someone had ever asked me this question and it caught me off guard. I had a big dream to help inspire and serve others but at that time this dream was fueled by my fear of escaping my career and being able to free myself.

I was so unhappy in my career that I would have given anything to feel more fulfilled, successful and like I wasn’t wasting my life. The idea of winning the lottery gave me hope. I didn’t say anything about the lottery, thankfully, because the next thing she said literally changed my life forever.

She and her husband were (are) both successful business owners, who have a huge mission to help serve others. She said they used to believe that they were going to win the lottery and that their life would be great because of it. She then went on to explain how this got them stuck from taking real action and how it was holding them back from truly believing in themselves. She said how they don’t even waste their money on lottery tickets anymore and that winning the lottery isn’t a plan.

I sunk in my chair a little. Umm but that was my plan.

That was a huge ah-ha moment for me.

The truth was that the reason I wanted to win the lottery was out of FEAR and DESPERATION. Fear that I needed to leave my career ASAP. Fear that I had no other options and fear that I wasn’t good enough or worthy enough to get what I wanted.

That conversation changed my life because I realized that if I wanted to have, be, and do the things I wanted, then I was going to have to take action and do my inner work.

I was 100% responsible for my life and my happiness.

Mel and I started to take mini steps. I learned more about different types of income. We joined a real estate investors group, invested in mentors and programs, surrounded ourselves with like-minded people and tried a number of different businesses, from MLM to start-ups.

We learned a ton during this process but the #1 thing I took away from all of this is how empowering it felt to actually take action.

But by far the most significant, game-changing action we took to create the life of our dreams was investing in ourselves.

We took courses, hired a life coach and committed to taking steps each day to creating happiness from within.

It’s not about quick fixes, band-aid solutions or getting rich quick. It’s about growing in love and wisdom and having fun along the way.

5 years later we have more wealth than we ever could have imagined. We have time and freedom to do the things we love like travelling, hiking and exploring. But more importantly, we love who we are and have a much deeper appreciation for where we are. We are acting from inspiration.

Once you start focusing on creating happiness from within, loving who you are and appreciating where you are at, that’s when the magic happens on the outside.

That’s when you attract more abundance, love, and success. It’s an inner game, not an outer game.

Where in your life are you looking for a quick fix? Is it in your career, relationships, health, etc?

What type of quick fix solution have you been looking for to solve all your problems?

Maybe instead of winning the lottery, you were hoping that a new relationship, promotion or trip would solve your problems?

Where are you acting from fear or desperation?

Here are a few steps you can take to creating long-lasting inner success and abundance:

  1. Practicing gratitude and appreciation
  2. Choosing from inspiration rather than fear
  3. Take action. Start small and take it one little step at a time
  4. Get clear on your Why and how you want to feel
  5. Invest in yourself. Hire a coach or mentor, join a class, etc.

Love & Light,

It’s time to start spending your time in a way that lights you up. I’m here to help you map out the steps & guild you along the way.


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