Is It Your Heart or Your Ego Talking?


A common question I get asked is…

How do you know that it’s your heart speaking to you and not just fear or your ego talking?

When it’s your heart speaking, it’s quiet. And it’s often something that is calling you out of your comfort zone.

When it’s your ego or fear speaking, you often feel like you are on a high, and you have an illusion that you are about to have more pleasure than pain.

Trusting that it’s your heart speaking takes some practice, and it’s very unlikely to live solely through your heart.

The name of the game is to connect back to your heart sooner when you find that you are disconnected.

You might be wondering, so how do I do that?

The following is what I learned through my Heart Freedom Method certification and over ten years of research, personal experience, and coaching.

There are three ways you can live.

You can live through your mind. And when you live through your mind, that’s where you can think and talk yourself into and out of pretty much anything.

It often feels safer here because you have a “sense” of control.

The second way you can live is through your emotions. When you live through your emotions, it doesn’t feel safe because you’re kind of at the mercy of how you’re feeling.

For example, when you are feeling fear, anger, resentment, elated, infatuated, etc.  These are emotions.

And as far as you swing one way, is as far as you will swing the other way.

For instance, a few years back, Mel and I bought a rental property. We were infatuated with it and thought it was the end all be all! We were pumped that it was going to help us move forward and create financial freedom.

We were riding high and only looking at the positives of the investment. Sooner or later, we ended up swinging the opposite way and ended up resenting it! The day after we finished a renovation to duplex it, it flooded.

Which then turned into us getting into a lawsuit with the previous owners. This led us to resent it. At that time, we hated the property and wanted nothing to do with it!

We were swinging in our emotions.

The third way to live is through your heart, and that’s the ideal way to live. This is what you are aiming to connect to.

When you live in your heart, that’s where you experience love, gratitude, inspiration, and wisdom.

If you’re not experiencing those four things, then you are either in your emotions or your mind.

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