Is Your Environment Stunting Your Growth OR Supporting Your Transformation?



One of the top reasons people aren’t creating sustainable and lasting transformations is that they have a poorly designed environment.

The truth is your environment always wins.

Many people don’t realize that your environment is mostly a reflection of who you were in the past.

It was formed and created based on your old thoughts, beliefs, desires, etc., many of which have since changed and no longer reflect the person you are growing into or becoming.

If you are not upgrading your environment as you grow, it will keep you stuck in who you were and hold you back from taking the next steps.

A typical example of this is attending a workshop or course.

You go to the workshop, you get excited, pumped up and inspired!  You feel like you’ve had a big breakthrough and a transformation. You can’t wait to get home to put it into action!

But, after a few weeks, you end up forgetting everything you’ve learned, and you no longer feel motivated.

Two things happened here…

First off, when you attended the workshop, you were influenced by the inspiring, energizing environment. You ADAPTED to your surroundings. You fed off the energy of the group and the frequency of the person hosting the workshop. Although you thought you experienced a transformation, you were just adapting to the environment around you in reality.

Second, then you went home. Your home is a reflection of who you have been in the past and not the new you. So what happened is that you adapted back to your old environment and your old patterns, beliefs, etc.

Perhaps a few things changed, but you weren’t able to integrate the breakthroughs and transformation from the workshop for the most part.

That is why it is SO essential to upgrade your environment to support you in your transformation immediately.

When you have an environment that’s supportive, inspiring, and nurtures your growth, you’re going to move forward much faster and experience a sustainable transformation.

Where to start?

A simple place to start is by doing a scan of your environment.

Scan your physical environment.

Ask yourself, where do you spend the most time? Your kitchen, office, bedroom, etc.

Then, ask yourself, what is this a reflection of? Is this a reflection of who you were in the past? Or is it reflecting who you are growing into?

What are a few small changes you can make today to elevate your environment?

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