Less Is More… Boycott Busy!

So how did you do with last week’s 7-day challenge?

The challenge was to remove the word ‘busy’ from your vocabulary.

The purpose of the challenge was to be less focused on doing, rushing, and pushing and more focused on being present and taking in each moment.

The reason why this is important to me is that when I am feeling like I have to be busy and actively creating a busy life, I know I am no longer in alignment with my heart.

Last week I shared a little about my theme for the upcoming year which is centred around deeper connections, purpose, alignment, and fun!

With everything we do and create I think it’s super important to ask ‘why are we doing this?’ Is this in alignment with our values, our mission, and our heart.

Rather than always pushing for doing and having more, I think it’s important to be pulled or inspired to do and have what feels right.

For me, being ‘busy’, rushing and just pushing through life isn’t in alignment with my heart anymore. Turns out it never really was.

I feel like now more than ever my heart is calling me to slow down. To stop trying to create more, or go bigger, or do something because I should.

And just to clarify when I say slow down, I don’t mean just give up and do nothing. Slowing down to me means stillness.

It means allowing more space and not having to cram my day from the second I wake up to the moment I go to bed with doing!

It means having more fun. Being more playful and not having to prove myself to anyone (especially myself).

What does this mean in real life? It means consciously slowing down while eating. Creating space in my life to workout, go for walks and self-care.

It also means just being me.

So back to the 7-day ‘busy’ challenge.

Not going to lie, I found this pretty challenging.

I caught myself using the word ‘busy’ a few times to describe my life.

It was actually pretty eye-opening how much I use the word busy or FEEL like I am busy.

The biggest ah-ha for me this week though was the need to be doing, creating, and working and the pressure I put on myself to FEEL busy.

I’ll give you an example. Currently, one of my highest values and things that is most important to me is my health and wellbeing. The things I know I need to do to feel the healthiest and most high vibe are sleep, eating loving foods (and for me, this means not eating past 5:30 pm), exercising, hiking and meditation/feeling grounded…

A big one though is exercise and physically moving my body. This week I booked some vacation for a four day weekend. Part of my plan was to get ahead on some of the content I wanted to create for my business.

I found that even with the extra few days I still felt this need to keep working, creating and pushing. What my body really wanted and really needed was for me to get outside. Take a timeout and to move in nature.

Although hiking is one of my favourite things to do I felt guilty for leaving my desk and not working. I felt like I should have been farther along and that it wouldn’t be responsible of me to just get up and go hiking for a few hours.

This is often where we get stuck and trapped in our limiting beliefs and old behaviours.

Luckily I ended up convincing myself to go for a hike and take some time for me.

It’s crazy because I felt like going for a walk and taking time to feel good would be taking away from my ‘work.’

UMM this couldn’t be any further from the truth. FEELING GOOD is the WORK!! Feeling good is the point.

Working, achieving and nailing your goals is great but at what cost?

One of my highest values is health, yet I felt like I couldn’t take time away from my ‘work’ to focus on my health because it would be irresponsible?? That’s pretty messed up lol.

My health is my responsibility. Aligning my time based on my highest values is a billion times more important than just doing something so that I can cross it off a to-do list.

I have been at this for a while so I was able to identify this pattern and to release many of the subconscious stories and fears that were behind it.

The big thing to remember is that a 7-day challenge is not going to solve all your life’s problems or transform your life in earth-shattering ways. What it does do though is bring awareness to areas of your life where you may have to put more energy and more focus. And that’s pretty awesome!!

The more consistent you are the more you’ll be able to make a shift. The more you’ll increase your self-worth and the more you’ll be inspired to live from your heart.

This upcoming week I challenge you to “Do Less.”

Rather than just getting more efficient and finding productivity hacks to do it all, try and do less.

Maybe this means saying no. You are responsible for protecting and managing both your energy and your time. Do what matters most and skip the rest.

I love this quote from Courtney Carver, “ work with people who want your best, not your busiest.”

Surround yourself with people who want your best, but also be that loving person for you too.

For one week eliminate one thing from your schedule or to-do-list. What no longer serves you? It doesn’t have to be anything crazy.

If you are having trouble deciding what to let go, ask yourself ‘why am I doing this?’ Is this a SHOULD or OUGHT to? Hint… start with those ones first.

The end game would be substituting all the shoulds and ought to’s with LOVE TO.

Just know that it’s safe to let go. It’s safe to create space. And it’s loving to do less.

You got this:)

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