Our Game Changing Tool For Decision Making



Here’s a hack that Mel and I use when making big decisions.

We joke that we are masters at making big decisions like transitioning careers, creating businesses, moving, renovating houses, etc. Still, when it comes to more minor choices like picking a shower curtain, we struggle!! lol

When you are navigating significant challenges, especially when you aim to do it from a grounded, loving place, opposed to fear and emotions, it is great to have a tool to help you.

We learned this hack from our mentor, Dr. Lise Janelle, and I often share it with my clients.

We used this specific tool for significant life decisions, like when I decided to leave my police career, when we sold our house, moved to our lake home, and closed Mel’s painting business to co-create a Love Program together.

Here’s how it works…

When you are experiencing something big and have to make a big decision or take action, ask yourself this…


  • What is the worst possible case scenario if I were to do this?
    For example, what would be the worst-case scenario if you left your job, went all-in on your business, moved to your dream home, etc.
  • If the worst-case scenario were to happen, could you live with that outcome?
    For instance, if the worst-case scenario is that by leaving your career, you’d run out of savings and have to get a ‘job,’ would you be ok with that?
  • What would be the benefits to you if the worst-case scenario were to happen?
    It’s essential to be creative here and allow yourself to explore the benefits. Perhaps it would help you get out of your comfort zone, ask for help, serve more people, do your inner work, etc.
  • If you were to do all of these things and take the actions, is it worth your energy and effort? 
  • Will doing this bring you closer to your dreams, or will it take you further away? 

Ask, is this in alignment with what your heart truly wants?

Looking at the worst-case scenario and seeing its benefits helps mitigate some of the fears around moving it forward.

I am a big believer in doing your inner work and taking the time to have a loving action plan to get you there.

That being said, I also know that it can feel scary when you are going for your dreams! Sometimes your knees will be shaking, and at the end of the day, you’ll just have to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Your logical brain might say no, but your heart might be saying go for it. Or vice versa.

It’s wise to take the time to do the work so that your heart’s voice becomes louder than your fears and the ‘shoulds’ of the outside world.

Remember, outside of your comfort zone lies your destiny.

I invite you to carve out time this next week and do this exercise. It’s been game-changing for us!

Lots of love!