Trying To Hustle Your Way To Worthiness? Guess What… You’re Already There!

For my high performing, inner driven, ambitious friends out there just know that you are just as worthy when you are not performing as when you are performing.

You have just as much value when you are doing nothing as when you are at the top of your game.

It’s not what you do that makes you valuable. You can’t hustle your way to worthiness. You already are!

I see this often with my clients and based on my own inner journey I know this feeling all too well, it is often way easier to feel loved, high vibe, energized and like you are making a difference when you are actively serving, accomplishing your goals and crushing life. You feel most lit and inspired when you are performing. And when you are not performing feelings of frustration, depression, confusion, and low self-worth creep in.

Often, the moment you stop to catch your breath, slow down and just be, you become overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings that you aren’t doing enough, you made a mistake, or you are wasting your time.

This is super normal! This happens to so many high achieving, driven, successful people.

The truth is that these are just unconscious fears from when you were growing up that made you believe that you are only worthy when you are receiving praise, crushing goals, or hustling.

These are just stories. Although they have served you in the past, now is the time to say goodbye to this old way of being and welcome a new way of life in which you can embrace the peace of also doing nothing.

The challenge for you, if you are a highly ambitious person, is not to take on more challenges.

I have no doubt that you can take on more, go bigger and push yourself. In fact, that is where you’ll thrive.

The real challenge is in slowing down, doing less. The challenge is in doing nothing and finding the peace in that.

Mel’s grandpa, for example, is 93 years old.

Most of his day consists of reading the paper, puzzling, watching TV and enjoying meals with family.

Is he still valuable? Hell yes!

Is he just as worthy now as he was when he was working fulltime, playing sports and raising a family? Absolutely!

His presence alone brings so much love and contribution to the world.

The same is also true for you.

I invite you to find peace in knowing your worth no matter what you are doing or not doing.

I am willing to bet that if you allow yourself to just be and embrace your value, especially when you are not performing, you will have more fun, you will feel more fulfilled, and you will end up moving towards your dreams and aspirations quicker and with more ease and flow.

You got this!

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