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Winter or Global Warming? Winter Seems Like The Obvious Choice

Winter or Global Warming? Winter Seems Like The Obvious Choice

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How do you feel about winter?

Growing up I always loved winter. I remember bundling up and pretty much spending the entire day outside, whether it was making snow forts, cross country skiing, tobogganing or snowmobiling. I Loved it! Not to mention the school snow days – they were the BEST!

The past few years I have felt a shift and have really started to love winter again.

Mel and I are fortunate to have a farmer’s field in our backyard with a hill for tobogganing, the hiking trails are so beautiful this time of year, and we have an old school-vintage snowmobile (it’s literally older than we are) that we putter around on.

I have also noticed a shift in how I talk about winter. I have been consciously trying to speak of it in a loving way. And the more I do, the more love and appreciation I have for it.

What you focus on grows.

If you focus on all the crappy parts of winter, then you get more of that. Likewise, if you focus on all the magic of winter – like the stillness, opportunity to go more within, the fact that there are no bugs or cutting the grass – then you get more of the awesome stuff.

I think a big thing that contributed to this shift was what I heard in a seminar a few years back in Toronto.

The speaker asked everyone, ‘who here loves winter’?

Not too many people raised their hands. In fact, only the speaker did. She then asked ‘who here loves global warming and the impact it is having on the environment?’

She then went on to say something that really stuck with me. It went something like this… You may not love winter but the other option is global warming. Would you rather have winter or global warming?

You may not like everything about winter, but how can you learn to love it? How can you embrace it?

By complaining about winter you aren’t actually helping anything. If anything you are doing the opposite. Your thoughts become your reality. And the reality you create has a direct impact on you and those around you.

My biggest takeaway from what she said was that complaining isn’t helpful or loving. It was actually lowering my frequency, bringing myself down and those around me.

In that moment I decided to choose love.

Now I can honestly say that I LOVE winter.

I may not always like winter but I do have a deep appreciation and love for it.

Here are a few little exercises to help you have a more loving relationship with winter…

Note: These exercises can be used for having a more loving relationship with others, yourself or things as well.

  1. Stop complaining, blaming or judging
  2. Practice gratitude.
    1. Gratitude is a practice, not a one-time thing. Write, record or state out loud or silently what you are grateful for.
  3. Write 20+ benefits to having winter (or whatever it is) and 20+ drawbacks if you didn’t have it.
  4. Find an activity or something you can do to embrace and enjoy it more.

It’s time to start spending your time in a way that lights you up. I’m here to help you map out the steps & guild you along the way.


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