You Ready For An Epic Success Hack?



Most driven and inspiring people are good at taking action; however, the problem is that the action is often not related to the things that will move them forward.

Instead, they focus on the action that feels safer and keeps them busy, rather than the game-changing action they know they want to do but have been procrastinating on.

I will share a hack with you to help you take meaningful and inspired action.

I learned this hack years ago when I was a police officer, and it has contributed to much of the success I have today, including being able to leave my government job to do what I do, in a place that I love, with the person I love.

This is also a perfect time to share it with you because I just listened to a video by Marissa Peer. She also talks about the same principle and how it has helped many highly successful people become the person they are today.

Ok, here it is…

Do the hardest thing first!

Do the most challenging thing. Take the action that you most don’t want to do, first thing!

Of course, you want to ensure that these actions align with your goals and move your dream forward.

Ask yourself each day, what is the thing that if I were to get this done, it would free up my energy, my time and allow me to move forward.

What are you dreading most? Is it a conversation with your family? Is it recording a video or sending an email. Is it working out or doing a meditation?

The truth is if you’re dreading this thing, or you’re worrying, or you feel anxious because you know at some point you’ll have to do it, that’s going to pull your energy away.

This inaction often leads to procrastination and putting it off again and again.

But if you do the most challenging thing first. What’s going to happen is you’re going to feel accomplished. You’ll feel more proud of yourself. You’ll be more energized.

From this place of doing the thing, you will find your motivation to do more things and what you’ll find is that you’ll end up getting more accomplished in a day, week, month, year, etc. than the average person who does the easiest thing first.

This is also important because it will help you increase your self-worth and confidence, which will lead to even more inspired action.

I invite you to join me in doing the hardest thing first.

Have the courage and the discipline to challenge yourself to take action.

Ask yourself, what is the one thing that I find to be the hardest thing I can do tomorrow and then do it!!