You Won’t Create What You Want In Life; You Create What You Believe



My name is Andrea Parker.

I am a former police detective turned human potential coach.

I love coaching inspiring, driven, and fun individuals to create a life that they are so in love with.

Here’s the thing, you can say you want to have more freedom, to grow your business, have an epic relationship, enjoy an inspiring lifestyle and have all of your hearts desires, but if you don’t believe that you are worthy of those things, it’s not going to happen.

You can say what you want all day long but, “you won’t create what you want in life; you create what you believe.” Lise Janelle

The problem much of the time, you have no idea what your beliefs are. Many scientists and experts suggest that over 90% of your thoughts and beliefs are subconscious (meaning you aren’t consciously aware of them).

As a coach, this is my specialty!

I am trained and certified in various mind-body techniques to help my clients identify and release the limiting beliefs holding them back so that their subconscious mind supports their heart’s desires, including their dreams, goals and aspirations.

The most powerful and game-changing tool I use to help others live from your heart rather than fear is the Heart Freedom Method.

Created by Lise Janelle, the HFM helps dissolve any story that could be holding you back from knowing that you are worthy.

Not only does it dissolve the conditioned responses that are getting you stuck, but it also instantaneously increases your self-worth. This is huge because increasing your self-worth impacts all areas of your life.

With the Heart Freedom Method, I can help you overcome blocks to success in relationships, business, finances, health, self-imagine, and more. Thus, allowing you to reconnect with your heart, regain happiness and achieve outstanding lasting results quickly.

Like anything, it’s not about a quick fix or Band-Aid solution. It’s about having tools to help you create lasting and meaningful change.

Although it’s awesome to learn and hear about how it works, it’s way more powerful if you can experience it for yourself.

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