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I’m Andrea Parker. I'm a heart-centered transformation coach and out cop who specializes’ in helping lesbians and queer women to live from their hearts.

It is my mission to help you embrace being out and love who you are so you can live your most extraordinary life.

As a queer coach, it seems crazy now that I spent so many years of my life rejecting myself for being a lesbian and playing small. It wasn’t until I learned how to connect with my heart and fully love and accept myself for being me that I was able to transform my life fully and completely.

Once I did, all sorts of amazing things came rushing into my life, including my beautiful wife, successful career as an out cop, an International Coaching business and most importantly the inner and outer freedom to live the life I was meant to.

I now have a massive desire to help you feel the same way. My private coaching, programs, and LIVE workshops are designed to help you create massive transformations and get people just like you living the life you so desire - right now!

You don’t have to settle for an ordinary life. You deserve to live your BEST life! And yes, you can have it all! Learn how you can take part & start making simple changes now.


What Your Community Is Saying

  • Andrea is a great coach, not only because of her knowledge and understanding, but because she walks the talk: her life is an exemplification of a successful life, and that’s important when you choose a coach. She has deep insights into human nature, her intuition guides her to reveal things you would not be able to see on your own. I trust her because she is the embodiment of a wise and integrated soul.

    Dr. Lise Janelle Life coach, Centre For Heart Living, Toronto, ON
  • Andrea Parker is an amazing coach and a great tool to have in your back pocket if you’re thinking of moving forward in your life. Andrea has a unique way of finding and targeting subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck and unable to create the life that you want. If you are looking to earn or keep more money, create a loving relationship and have better health, than working with Andrea is for sure your first step in the right direction.

    Mary Anne Lightfoot Re/Max Escarpment Realty Inc, Toronto, ON

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