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Key Benefits Of Co-Creating With Andrea Parker Coaching:


Achieve inner and outer freedom to do what you want, when you want.


Tap into your magnetic energy that allows you to confidently attract what you desire.


Deeply connect with yourself and others to live a life full of adventure and meaning.

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This free, 4-day video course will walk you through how to release the beliefs that are holding you back and empower you to take the next steps in becoming so in love with your life.

I've been there!

Like you, it looked like I was living a perfect life. I had a loving relationship, amazing friends and family, beautiful home, income properties, a successful six-figure career, good health, and so on.

Internally, I felt like something was missing, and it was a feeling that I couldn’t seem to shake.

Luckily, I confided in a good friend about how I was feeling, and that started a journey that led me to discover how to reconcile these “obstacles” in my life.

Through doing my inner work, I was able to release subconscious blocks, old patterns, and fears, which helped me to connect to my heart and transform my life fully and completely.

One of my biggest takeaways from doing my inner work is how important it is to have tools and resources to help you release your limiting beliefs so that you can live the life you were meant to.

Now I have a massive desire to help others do the same.

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3-Step Process to You Becoming So In Love With Your Life:

I take you through a process to help you confidently admit what your heart truly desires and clarify what a life you are SO in love with would look like and feel like.

We go through exercises and use leading-edge techniques to help you realize and release the things that are really holding you back, including old beliefs and “self-sabotaging” behaviour, so you can confidently step into who you are becoming.

We co-create an aligned action plan for you to move your life forward and experience lasting transformation and limitless possibilities.

How I Co-Create Magic With Others:

Request Your Free So In Love With Your Life Session

During our co-creation session, we’ll learn more about your dreams as well as who you are being called to become to live this dream (fun fact- this version of you is already inside you).
Let’s have some fun co-creating magic and seeing how fun your life can get!

What Others Are Saying

  • Andrea is a great coach, not only because of her knowledge and understanding, but because she walks the talk: her life is an exemplification of a successful life, and that’s important when you choose a coach. She has deep insights into human nature, her intuition guides her to reveal things you would not be able to see on your own. I trust her because she is the embodiment of a wise and integrated soul.

    Dr. Lise JanelleLife coach, Centre For Heart Living, Toronto, ON
  • Andrea Parker is an amazing coach and a great tool to have in your back pocket if you’re thinking of moving forward in your life. Andrea has a unique way of finding and targeting subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck and unable to create the life that you want. If you are looking to earn or keep more money, create a loving relationship and have better health, than working with Andrea is for sure your first step in the right direction.

    Mary Anne LightfootRe/Max Escarpment Realty Inc, Toronto, ON

Step 1


During our session, we’ll explore more about your desires, as well as the growth opportunities for who you are becoming.

Step 2


Gain clarity on the next level of your heart’s desires and top goals for the next year. Identify the limiting beliefs and potential roadblocks that have been and are holding you back.

Step 3


Co-create an aligned strategy to help you to unleash your highest potential and see how fun life can get!

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