For your next event, what’s the one word everyone wants it to be... FUN!

Andrea believes life and business get to be fun!

As a former detective, Andrea knows how to ask powerful questions that lead to powerful answers!

In her keynote, The F Word, Andrea asks you one simple and straightforward question: What would make this more FUN?!

The F Word

Life and business get to be FUN!

The F Word Keynote:

In today’s fast-moving, high-achieving culture, people are thinking their way through their business and personal growth rather than FEELING IT; they’re afraid to slow down and are operating from outdated ways of thinking and doing.

In this Talk, Andrea inspires you to move out of your head (overthinking) and into your heart by asking one simple question: “what would make this more fun?!”

If you want things to change, you must shift your perspective and ask a different question!

I still hear Andrea’s voice as frequent reminders to have more FUN!!

What Others Are Saying

Andrea’s talk helped change me. Every day I ask myself how can this be more fun? How can I create fun in my day? And I’ve started asking my growing team how we can have more fun!

Meaghan Penny- Founder

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You are going to love what Andrea has to share! You are going to want a notepad. There is SO many gems she drops! She is the real deal.

Aimee J - Former NASA Engineer, Entrepreneur

What would make this more fun?

With her expertise in subconscious work, dynamic questions, energetic storytelling and co-creative experiences, Andrea will help shift your audience’s perspective to find the fun in every moment and elevate their entire experience.

Your audience will experience:

  • Transform the way you do life and business using Andrea’s simple 3-step Conscious Leadership process.

  • The power of shifting from their head to their heart, and asking themselves this ONE KEY question in all areas of their life: “What would make this more fun?!”

  • And most significantly, they’ll be equipped with simple daily actions to help them elevate their performance, expand their impact, earn more money, and enjoy their whole experience in life and business.
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    Andrea believes that life and business get to be fun! As a former police detective and now the Founder of AP Coaching, she works with high-achieving business owners and leaders worldwide to move out of their heads (overthinking) and into their hearts.

    She is a renowned international speaker, working with multi-million dollar business leaders, transformational speakers, holistic doctors, professional athletes, and Emmy-award-winning producers. Her insights have been featured in bestselling books, documentaries and transformational podcasts.