Events & Playshops

Events & Playshops

Accelerate Your Growth

A life you’re so in love with does not exist without intention…You create it.

This 2-Day virtual workshop is a life-changing, transformative experience that will provide the tools and wisdom to help you create the life you have always envisioned. 

This workshop is dedicated to helping you make massive shifts that will change the trajectory of your personal and professional life forever.

Business Blueprint

Stop overthinking your business and start leading from your heart. 

So you can have more fun while making more money.

This 1-Day live workshop, is a loving balance of healthy masculine and divine feminine co-creation to move your dreams forward from an inspired, centred place. This is where the magic happens.

Other Upcoming Experiences!

Check out our calendar of upcoming events with us. You can find dates & times and can register below.
If you have questions about any of our upcoming events & playshops feel free to contact us at anytime! 

Love Mastery

Do you sometimes feel like your responsibilities are taking the fun out of your relationship? Do you sometimes feel like you are on this journey alone? Do you ever wonder if you are going to grow apart in your pursuit of greatness?

If you do not feel fulfilled in your relationships, you cannot be truly happy or able to experience living your most extraordinary life.

In this 1-Day live workshop, I will share with you the essential tools and strategies that I use to help my clients go from having an ordinary relationship to co-creating their most amazing, fulfilling and inspiring love life.