Work with Me

Be Inspired! Be Courageous! Be You!

You’re not meant to do this alone! There are many ways I coach people, nationally and internationally as well as in-person and virtually. I invite you to play around and check out the different ways we can work together. I’d love to support you on your journey!

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Private Coaching

With strategic, personalized coaching I will help you create clarity around what your heart wants & desires, gain greater understanding and insights as to why you have been stuck (up until now) and help you create strategies to successfully reach your goals, much faster!
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Events & Workshops

Join us for a LIVE workshop-style event or deep dive into a full day masterclass for ongoing inspiration, education, and community. Each event is centred on living from your heart, growth, connection, and fun! Elevate your relationships, business, health, abundance, and happiness.

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Let’s work together! Hire me for your next event. Contact me for a tailor-made keynote, seminar or webinar for your group’s specific needs. I speak on a range of topics from inner happiness and success, getting unstuck, LGBTQ2+ leadership and living from your heart

Lez Do This Together!!

Apply for your complimentary Superpower Call with me! We will explore where you are at now, where you would love to be, what the top 3 things that are holding you back from getting there, and the number one action you need to take to move forward.

"Life before working with Andrea Parker was at times chaotic and foggy. Even though I had been actively working on myself for years before meeting this divine goddess, patterns and behaviours still lingered deep within my soul. Through working with Andrea she has taught me the value of living from my heart, and in doing so it's one of the bravest choices I have ever made for myself. It can be messy, hard and yet so gratifying.

Through her high level of expertise in releasing subconscious blocks from the past, she has been able to shed layers that have been holding me back for decades. Although, this practice of living from my heart has been the hardest journey I have ever embarked upon, it has been by far the most satisfying and freeing experience of my life.

From someone who has always indulged in new experiences and modalities, this line of work has helped me accelerate at a very fast pace and manifest a beautiful life in a variety of different ways. Aside from Andrea's natural life coaching skills, Andrea provides an environment that feels safe and nurturing. She teaches from experience and is able to connect with any client who is beautifully aligned with her intentions.

If you haven't tried a consultation with her yet, I highly recommend you do so. It is worth its weight and gold. I will forever be truly grateful for her love, passion, and dedication."