Be Inspired! Be Courageous! Be You!

You’re not meant to do this alone! There are many ways I coach people, nationally and internationally as well as in-person and virtually. I invite you to play around and check out the different ways we can work together. I’d love to support you on your journey!

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Private Coaching

With strategic, personalized coaching I will help you create clarity around what your heart wants & desires, gain greater understanding and insights as to why you have been stuck (up until now) and help you create strategies to successfully reach your goals, much faster!

Events & Workshops

Join us monthly for a LIVE workshop-style event or deep dive into a full day masterclass for ongoing inspiration, education, and community. Each event is centered on living from your heart, embracing being out, personal growth, connection, and fun!
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Let’s work together! Hire me for your next event. Contact me for a tailor-made keynote, seminar or webinar for your group’s specific needs. I speak on a range of topics from inner happiness and success, getting unstuck, LGBTQ2+ leadership and living from your heart

Lez Do This Together!!