It’s All An Energy Game! You Can Live Your Dream NOW!



Can you relate to this?

I am helping an inspiring soul play bigger in her business by earning $20k per month while having more FUN!

She is showing up and doing ALL the things.

She is doing her inner work.

She has clear and inspiring goals.

She knows who her ideal client is and has a great offer to welcome them in.

She is taking massive action in the world.

Here’s the problem.

It’s not that she needs to be doing more.

It’s not a “doing” or strategy challenge;

It’s actually an energy situation.

To uplevel her income each month, and the type of people she is attracting to her business, she must demonstrate and act as if she is already there!

She has to FEEL it!

It’s not about just pretending she is someone she is not.

It’s about owning and occupying the space in this new arena that she wants to play in.

If she wants to attract higher-paying, more high vibe people, then she needs to step into her power of being the woman who leads these people.

If her energy is still vibrating at the $10k per month energy, she won’t attract the people or the situations to allow her to live in the $20k per month life.

If she wants her finances to elevate, this is an inside job, and she must uplevel to play in that energy.

One of my mentors (Coach Dave Buck) says, “Becoming proceeds results.”

The key is to occupy the life you imagine for it to become a reality.

For instance, how would my client, earning $20k per month, invest her time, money and energy? She needs to do those things now. As if she already is there.

It’s all an energy game!

You can live your Dream NOW!

Here’s some homework I gave her:

Step 1: Write out what occupying the space of living in your Dream would look like? How would you be spending your time?

Step 2: Pay attention to your body as you feel into this space and energy of what you would love. Your body is a great way to gauge where you have subconscious blocks popping up. Feel into what is coming up for you.

Play around with this. Have fun with it. Be as creative as you’d like. You can add pictures, words, paragraphs, whatever you want.

And as always, if you’d like a little more guidance, especially with the subconscious stuff that pops up, let me know. This is my specialty.

We aren’t meant to live our Dreams alone.