3 Simple Things To Increase Your Self-Worth

Can you think of a time where you were doing something that felt uninspiring?

Something that you dreaded or hated doing?

Whenever you had to do this particular activity, it left you feeling frustrated and wondering why you even have to do this.

When you are doing things you don’t enjoy doing just because you feel like you ‘have’ to do it, it lowers your vibration and takes energy away from what you would love to do.

The truth is, you know what it is that we love to do and what inspires you. However, what happens is that over time, your clarity becomes clouded with ideas that you adopted from the ‘outside’ world about what you think you should be doing. Or what you feel you need to be doing to be successful.

Feeling like you have to do something that you hate doing because it feels like the ‘only’ way you can be happy, free, abundant, etc., is not fun or inspiring!

It has the opposite effect and leads you to not wanting to do what you actually set out to do in the first place.

Take this common business example, for instance.

Let’s say you are an entrepreneur, and you are inspired to grow your online presence.

You love working with your clients and customers; however, you feel like you have to create a strong social media presence to reach more people. In this example, let’s say social media is not your jam, and you dislike pretty much everything to do with it.

The thought of investing more time, money, and energy on creating videos and developing an up-to-date social strategy does not appeal to you!

When you do anything social media related, you feel drained, irritated and not in the flow.

I’m just using social media as an example, but feel free to put yourself in the story. Perhaps it’s cooking and cleaning you dislike, or running errands, etc.

Anytime you do something you dread (especially if you are ungrateful when you do it), it decreases your energy, and you vibrate at a lower frequency.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are continually broadcasting what you want and don’t want out into the Universe.

The more you can align your time, energy and effort with the things that you love and inspire you the most, the more you’ll increase your vibration and attract more of what you want.

There’s so much value in doing things that you’re inspired to do.

If you don’t love doing (insert activity here), learn to love it, delegate it, or leave it.

If there’s something that you’re continuing to do and hate doing it, it’s wise to find a way to love it; remember, love means both support and challenge.

If you can’t find a way to love it, then let it go.

Either stop doing it or delegate it to somebody else.

When you delegate to others, especially if they love doing whatever the task is, not only is it incredible to help them out, it’s also fun working with people who love doing what their area of expertise is. Inspiration is contagious!

So back to the first example. If it’s social media that you hate, and you have somebody who you can pass it off to, and they love doing it, that’s a win-win.

By delegating what you don’t love, you will increase your self-worth and energy.

It will also free up time for you to do what lights you up because it’s in these areas of doing what you love that you have the most significant impact.

People who do what they love are magnetic!

And because of this, they attract more incredible people and opportunities to them!

So how can you be more magnetic?

First, do a quick survey of your life and ask where you are spending time doing things you don’t love? Where is your energy being drained?

Check all eight areas of your life, including career, finance, social, physical, family, knowledge, environment, and spiritual.

Next, ask yourself, how can I love doing this?

One way to love it is to list how doing (insert activity) will help you achieve your highest goals.

Perhaps you can learn to love doing social media because it allows you to connect with more people and have a more significant impact.

Then ask can I eliminate this or delegate this?

If the answer is yes, get into action and make this happen!

If you properly delegate things out, it won’t cost you 🙂

Take it one baby step at a time.

Please comment below with what you are going to love, delegate or eliminate.

You got this!!