Are You Tired Of Treading Water? Learn How To Put Your Feet Down



There are two stages of human development.

Stage one is like boot camp. It’s the reactionary phase.

Often when you are in this stage, it feels like you are on a spin cycle in a washing machine. It can feel like you don’t have as much ‘control’ of your life and like you are treading water.

Stage two is where things get a little bit more fun and way more inspiring!

This is when you graduate from boot camp and move into a more conscious and awake stage. Here is where you become a conscious creator of your life. Instead of treading water, you learn to put your feet down on the ground and realize that you can touch.

The truth is, stage two of human development doesn’t mean that you are no longer challenged; in fact, it’s still quite challenging. The big difference, though, is that you are living from your heart.

Instead of living from fear and desperation, you are living from inspiration and love.

Rather than being ruled by limiting subconscious beliefs, you are choosing to live from your heart.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, there are two ways to enter stage two of human development. 

  1. Through Inspiration.
  2. Through receiving a “baseball bat” from the Universe. This is when you experience a big challenge or series of challenges that hit you upside the head (metaphorically and sometimes literally) to get you to wake up.


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What does it mean to live in stage two?

Essentially it means to live from your heart.

When you live from your heart, your heart wants you to know two things.

 1. You are worthy.

2. To admit your dreams and aspirations.

You’ll know it’s your heart speaking when it’s quiet and calling you out of your comfort zone.

For example, when I was younger, I was terrified to admit I was a lesbian. I remember being eight years old and experiencing the deep sinking feeling of “oh shit,” I’m gay. I didn’t’ even know what that meant at the time. It was so far out of my comfort zone that it was too scary even to admit.

The key to stage two is to have the courage to admit what your heart wants.

Just know, it takes time to integrate what your heart is calling you to do, so no rush (especially if it’s a biggie).

The second thing your heart wants is for you to get into action and do whatever it takes to make your desires happen.

Let’s revisit the example of me being gay. When I was in my mid 20’s, I finally admitted to myself that I was a lesbian and was ready to get into action. It was here that I also realized that I was worthy of these desires.

This was terrifying, but I also knew it would be a billion times worse if I continued to ignore what my heart wanted.

A common question I get asked is, does it get easier when you live in stage two?

It’s not necessarily easier; it’s just a different game your playing. In my opinion, it’s more fun and a more inspiring game!

When you live from your heart, there’s going to be challenges that come from that. But it’s going to help with your growth; it’s going to help with your soul’s evolution, it’s going to help you be the most efficient, it’s going to help you to be most effective, it’s going to help you to move forward in the most inspiring way possible.

This is my invitation for you to choose to move (or continue to live) from stage two.

If you currently feel like you have been experiencing baseball bats from the Universe, this is your time to shine and jump into the next stage. Now is the time to stop treading water and put your feet on the ground.

If you haven’t yet, why wait!

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In the meantime, comment below if you have ever experienced a ‘baseball bat’ from the Universe.

Reference: Heart Freedom Method Certification Program