It’s All An Energy Game! You Can Live Your Dream NOW!

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Can you relate to this?

I am helping an inspiring soul play bigger in her business by earning $20k per month while having more FUN!

She is showing up and doing ALL the things.

She is doing her inner work.

She has clear and inspiring goals.

She knows who her ideal client is and has a great offer to welcome them in.

She is taking massive action in the world.

Here’s the problem.

It’s not that she needs to be doing more.

It’s not a “doing” or strategy challenge;

It’s actually an energy situation.

To uplevel her income each month, and the type of people she is attracting to her business, she must demonstrate and act as if she is already there!

She has to FEEL it!

It’s not about just pretending she is someone she is not.

It’s about owning and occupying the space in this new arena that she wants to play in.

If she wants to attract higher-paying, more high vibe people, then she needs to step into her power of being the woman who leads these people.

If her energy is still vibrating at the $10k per month energy, she won’t attract the people or the situations to allow her to live in the $20k per month life.

If she wants her finances to elevate, this is an inside job, and she must uplevel to play in that energy.

One of my mentors (Coach Dave Buck) says, “Becoming proceeds results.”

The key is to occupy the life you imagine for it to become a reality.

For instance, how would my client, earning $20k per month, invest her time, money and energy? She needs to do those things now. As if she already is there.

It’s all an energy game!

You can live your Dream NOW!

Here’s some homework I gave her:

Step 1: Write out what occupying the space of living in your Dream would look like? How would you be spending your time?

Step 2: Pay attention to your body as you feel into this space and energy of what you would love. Your body is a great way to gauge where you have subconscious blocks popping up. Feel into what is coming up for you.

Play around with this. Have fun with it. Be as creative as you’d like. You can add pictures, words, paragraphs, whatever you want.

And as always, if you’d like a little more guidance, especially with the subconscious stuff that pops up, let me know. This is my specialty.

We aren’t meant to live our Dreams alone. 

Trusting your heart’s desires (And Acting On Them!!)

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Let’s play a game called creating a life that you are SO in love with!

The name of the game is to TRUST your heart’s desires.

Here’s how it works.

When you feel your heart urging you to do something,

ACT on it!

Whether it makes logical sense or not, be sure to DO the thing!

For instance, let’s say the Dream you are playing with right now is expanding your business, and you have an event coming up that you would love to invite people to.

Set the intention at the beginning of the day that you would LOVE to have the most inspiring, aligned, high vibe people at this event and state that you are open to the magic of the Universe in attracting these people.

Throughout your day, be open to your heart’s whispers and urges.

Maybe your heart is saying I’d love a tea from this specialty store down the street.

Your logical mind might chime in and say, that is a waste of time.

You could easily make a tea here and save yourself the time and hassle of going out.

But in reality, if you followed that urge when you felt it, perhaps you would have run into a specific person who had connections with your ideal person for the event.

You never know.

That’s the beauty of playing with energy and following your heart!

The key is to act as quickly as possible!!

It is also important to note the difference between your heart’s whispers and when fear is talking.

Often when it’s your heart speaking to you, it’s quiet and calling you out of your comfort zone.

When it is fear talking, it’s often loud and trying to keep you small.

If you feel resistance from trusting your heart and feeling confident knowing it’s your heart, this is normal.

There are often tons of subconscious blocks that pop up here for people.

If this is you, and you’d love some help with this, contact me. I’d love to co-create this more with you.

Here is the link to apply for a FREE So in Love with Your Life Session.

In the meantime, have some fun with this!

State your Dream and intention. Then be open to little nudges or insights and then ACT on them!

Suppose someone pops in your head.

Message them!

If you feel inspired to try something,

Do it!

You are the creator of your reality.

If you follow your heart’s nudge’s and act on them, your Dream will happen.

If you don’t act on it, your Dream won’t happen.

This takes practice.

Have fun playing with it:) 

Deep Gratitude For Both Support And Challenge

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Let’s chat more about the benefits of coming from a neutral loving place.

By experiencing the deep gratitude that comes from seeing the perfection in all that is, you can move forward, quicker, from a place of love and inspiration!

This is important because anything that you do not love rules your life.

I believe that in every event and life circumstance, there is always equal support and challenge.

It’s also wise to also choose to see that the same goes for humans.

All humans have ‘positive’ traits and ‘negative’ traits. They have, be and do things that you like and dislike.

From working with Dr. John Demartini, a Human Behavioural expert, I learned that we get stuck by putting people on a pedestal.

We put someone on a metaphorical pedestal anytime we judge a trait or action that we admire about them.

For instance, take a moment and think of someone who you admire and look up to.

You look up to them because there is something that they are doing or demonstrating that you perceive is great! Perhaps you respect that they are courageous, financially successful, have an inspiring lifestyle or are very confident in how they present themselves.

The interesting thing here, and this is how and why we get stuck. Is that when you put someone up on the pedestal, simultaneously, you put someone below you.

Let’s use finance as an example. If you admire someone who is financially wealthy, then simultaneously, you’ll resent the opposite of that.

Let’s do another quick example. Let’s say you are infatuated with more ‘freedom.’ With freedom comes constraint. So in your pursuit of freedom, you’ll be resenting anything that feels constricting, which may show up in your current business, schedule or finances.

The thing that you are putting on a pedestal is often the thing that is keeping you stuck and making you miserable because you resent its opposite.

As far as you swing one way, is as equal and opposite that you’ll swing in the other direction.

Infatuation is not sustainable. It always leads to resentment.

Once you know the rules of the game, though, you can use them to your advantage.

Knowing that infatuation can get you stuck, it is wiser to come from a more balanced, heart-centred place!

When you do this, you are more conscious of both sides! Not just to the side that you ‘want’ to see.

Your first relationship is an excellent example of this. Often when you are elated, you think this person is the end-all, be-all. Then eventually, the thing you liked the most about them drove you nuts, and you began to resent! OR worse, they disappeared or left you, and you resented yourself.

So how can you neutralize infatuation and come from a balanced place?

A great place to start is to look for both sides. What would be the drawbacks to yourself and others of the admired trait?

For example, what are the drawbacks to financial wealth? Perhaps, the admired person isn’t putting as much energy into their health or relationships. Maybe they aren’t spiritually awake or consciously aware. Do they attach their worth to money?

And for the trait, you are resenting, such as lack of abundance, what’s the benefit? Maybe it’s encouraging growth and creativity, etc.

The more you can see both sides, the less likely you’ll swing, and the more you’ll be able to love the situation so that you can create from your heart.

It is also important to know that if you can identify the trait in someone else, you also have it!

You stop putting them above you by owning the trait and seeing that you also possess the admired trait.

Same with the disliked traits. When you can see that you too possess this, you stop putting yourself above others.

As Dr. John Demartini teaches, it’s not about putting people on pedestals or pits; it’s about putting people in our hearts.

I love this because when you are in your heart, nothing is missing.

This is one reason I love knowing more about the laws of the Universe and how to play the game.

The rules of the game are, no matter what happens, there’s always equal support and challenge.

You might as well choose from your heart and go for your dreams!

When you do it from a balanced, neutral place, not only is it more loving, it’s a hell of a lot more fun.

If you’d love some help in your corner, seeing how good life can get from a balanced, heart-centred place, I’d love to chat more and see if we are a good fit for coaching together.

Here is the link to apply for a FREE So in Love with Your Life Session

7-Step Coaching Process To Seeing How Good Life Can Get!

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I love coaching inspiring, fun, and driven individuals who already love their lives to see how FUN life can get!

My superpower is helping my clients reveal themselves to themselves, breakthrough their blocks, and play for their dreams at the highest level possible.

When you are playing a big inspiring game that is calling you out of your comfort zone, it is normal that fear will come along with it.

The truth is, moving your dreams forward, especially if you are continuing to expand and grow from inspiration, can and will feel uncomfortable and scary at times.

Fears and limiting beliefs are bound to creep in, including feelings of overwhelm, experiencing self-doubt and lack of trust or even second-guessing if you’re worthy of it.

That is one reason I LOVE coaching people who are playing for their heart’s desires. It takes COURAGE!!

It’s not a matter of living without fear or challenge. It’s all about embracing these adversities in pursuit of something meaningful and inspiring to you! That’s when life gets fun!

That is one reason I have created my 7-Step Coaching Process, designed to support inspiring humans who love lives to see how good it can get!

Each step is integrated, often simultaneously, to help you to be able to live in Stage Two of Human Development, where you can discover what is possible when you live from your heart!

The key is to align your time, energy and beliefs that serve you in a way that allows you to play at your highest level possible.

The goal is to create from inspiration and love while having the time of your life.

This process is based on my personal experience, over a decade of research, learning from world-class experts, and coaching other inspiring humans.

It is founded on the synthesized body of work of many of my mentors, including Human Behavioural Expert Dr. John Demartini, Human Development Coach & Expert Dr. Lise Janelle, and Master Coach and CEO of Coachville, Coach Dave Buck.

The beauty part of each of these steps is that they can be simultaneously integrated and woven in, based on your journey.


My 7 Step Coaching Process

Step 1: Heart-centred
True success is living from the values of your heart.

The key to living a life you are SO in love with is to admit what you truly desire, believe you are worthy of it and get into action to make it happen!

Step 2: Gratitude
Anything that you do not love rules your life. By experiencing the deep gratitude that comes from seeing the perfection in all that is, you can move forward, quicker, from a place of love and inspiration!

Gratitude is the key to connecting back to your heart.

Step 3: Beliefs
“You won’t create what you want; you create what you believe.”

Through various mind-body techniques, including the Heart Freedom, the Inner Freedom and the Demartini Method, I will help you release and rewire your subconscious blocks.

The key is to have your subconscious support your dreams and desires!

Step 4: Worthiness
At the root of every fear is the illusion that you are unworthy of love.

The truth is that love comes from within, your worth comes from within, and that success comes from within. The key is to be the champion for yourself and to celebrate the incredible person that you are!

Step 5: Love
Love is wanting the best for another while respecting your own needs.

One of the most loving things you can do is to make yourself as important as others. Here you’ll learn how to communicate more lovingly and grow in love and wisdom both for yourself and others.

LOVE is mastery-level stuff!

Step 6: Values
Align your time and energy with your highest values.

You will always choose in favour of your highest values. You’ll discover and refine your highest values and learn how to use them to live the life that you desire.

Step 7: Inspiration
Do what you love and love what you do.

It is about creating what you love in ALL of the eight areas of your life simultaneously. Including your career, relationships, social, financial, environmental, knowledge, spiritual, physical.

If you are ready for a profound, authentic transformation and would love to learn more about how to take the next steps in playing for your dreams and seeing how good life can get, I would love to invite you to a FREE So In Love With Your Life Session.

This session is for you if you are driven and inspired to move your dream forward and are willing to invest time, money and energy into playing at your highest level possible.

Check out the link below to apply for your FREE So in Love with Your Life Session