Game Changer Tools For A Successful Relationship



One question that I’ve been getting lately is, what’s the number one thing that has been most game-changing for you in your relationship.

My partner Mel (of 11+ years) and I  each contributed to answering this question based on what we individually found to be the most game-changing thing that has contributed to the success of our relationship.

Mel graciously went first.

According to Mel, one of the biggest things that have elevated our relationship and made it that much better was having tools to help us communicate effectively.

At the beginning of our relationship, she didn’t feel like she had the skills and the tools to articulate some of the things she was experiencing, whether it be regarding money, health, family, goal setting etc.

For Mel, learning the tools to help us to be able to have more loving, open conversations about anything has been a game-changer.

One of her favourite communication tools is the You-Me-Us.

Being able to respect each other and talk in a way where you can lovingly say what you want to say without getting all worked up and being able to receive whatever your partner is experiencing as well is huge!

I totally agree with Mel!

You-Me-Us has been a game-changing tool! It has helped both of us to be able to communicate our needs while also being respectful and working together as a team.

This is key because there are two fears that lead to arguments in relationships.

  1. Fear of being abandoned (losing the other person).
  2. Fear of being engulfed (losing yourself).

These subconscious fears can cause you or your partner to hold back from communicating lovingly.

Having tools to help you to be able to bypass and mitigate those fears is essential!

As for me, the most game-changing thing is being a conscious partner and making yourself AS important in the relationship.

If you become consumed in the relationship and don’t make a conscious effort to still do the things you love to do, it can lead to you feeling ‘engulfed’ or ‘consumed,’ leading to disconnection.

The key is to discipline yourself to be connected with your partner while also doing the things you love for yourself.

Add communication in the mix, and these two things have allowed us to increase our confidence and continue to grow both individually and together!

It takes work to continue to grow and co-create together, but it also takes ‘work’ to have an ok relationship.

You might as well challenge yourself to have an epic relationship!

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