Have More FUN Enjoying The Process



Raise your hand if you desire to have more fun, experience more joy, and allow yourself to relax more or have more balance.

Raise your hand if you sometimes suck at relaxing, often struggle with slowing down or sometimes find it hard to be present and enjoy the process.

If you are a fun, inspiring, driven individual, odds are most of your life you were actually programmed to do the opposite of having fun and enjoying.

Many driven people felt like they had to push, work hard, be busy doing all the time, and it often didn’t feel safe for them to relax or trust the process.

This old way of doing things where it can feel like you had to grind it out and hustle your way through things may have served a purpose in the past, but the reality is it no longer does.

I have a feeling you are ready for a more fun way and have been playing around with different ways to bring more lightheartedness and inspiration into your life.

The problem is that when trying this new way of enjoying and living, often, the ‘old’ less inspiring way creeps up and leaves you feeling guilty or facing resistance.

In Stage One of Human Development, which is like “Bootcamp,” it served you to be driven from those fear or society-based mechanisms. Not only did working hard and having to push through allow you to have a track record of success and likely contributed to your outer accomplishments, but it also helped shape your personality.

But now that you’re waking up to living in Stage Two of Human Development, which is where you’re able to create and live a life that you are so in love with, you no longer have to hold on to the old ways of being.

This new way is all about choosing from love and inspiration over fear and desperation.

You no longer have to feel guilty for relaxing or like you won’t continue to grow if you are slowing down and enjoying.

In fact, in order to continue to expand and elevate your life, it’s important to switch out the old beliefs that no longer serve you and rewire them with ones that are more in alignment with where you are growing.

It is safe to trust. It’s wise to enjoy, and it’s all part of the process to have fun!

A great place to start is identifying where you have some resistance.

If you feel guilty or not enough when you go to sit down and relax, that is a sign that you have an old story ruling you (which is not the truth).

It is also essential to know that it takes effort to live out these limiting beliefs, so you might as well challenge yourself to reprogram them and change them. A great place to start is owning that your worth comes from within. Not the other way around.

Being more loving of yourself and treating yourself like your own best friend is an excellent step towards owning your worth.

The second thing that you may find helpful when allowing yourself to enjoy more is to find activities or something that you find to be fun or relaxing. This may not be sitting in front of the tv for 5 hours like others. This could look like you reading, doing yoga or going for a walk.

This may require that you take some time to re-imagined what fun and relaxing can look like for you?

Discipline yourself to give yourself what it wants. You are worth it!

On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at relaxing?