How To Change Your Relationship With Fear



If you have a desire to live an amazing, inspiring life, and you are waiting for the fear to go away for you to take the next steps, just know that you’ll be waiting forever.

The truth is, fear is a normal part of growing.

If you’re growing and living outside of your comfort zone, you will likely experience feelings of discomfort associated with fear.

Knowing that fear is a natural part of the growth process, instead of avoiding it or waiting for it to disappear, a wiser approach is to change your relationship with it.

The next time you feel nervous or scared to do something.

Whether it’s reaching out to new clients, speaking your truth in a relationship, saying no to someone, etc. Allow yourself to experience the fear, and take action anyway.

This is important because the more you avoid something or put it off, the more anxious and nervous you’ll feel.

Inaction creates more angst. It’s like a feedback mechanism calling for you to get into action.

Think back to a time you had a big event coming up.

Perhaps it was a big sports game, a theatrical performance or an important presentation.

Typically, leading up to the big event is where you likely experienced feeling the most nervous, anxious or uncomfortable.

Once you were in the game or activity, though, the nerves subsided, and you were probably more present and in the flow.

The fear didn’t go away until you actually did the thing that you were nervous about.

This is one reason why living an amazing life takes courage!

People who are doing inspiring things experience fear all the time.

The biggest difference between them and someone living an uninspired life is that they are willing to take action anyways!

The more action you take, the more accomplished you feel.

This feeling of accomplishment helps increase your confidence, self-esteem and your self-worth. It also allows you to be more resilient in the pursuit of new challenges.

It’s not about getting rid of fear. It’s about trusting in the process, taking a deep breath and doing it anyways.

The next time you approach something out of your comfort zone, just know that it’s normal to feel a little nervous or anxious.

Also know, that fear isn’t going to magically disappear until you actually take action steps towards that goal.

The more you take action, the more comfortable you become in doing it and the less fear you experience because it will no longer be outside of your comfort zone.

Ask yourself, where are you not taking action?

What actions are you avoiding?

What is one baby step you can take today to move that forward?

I am on a mission to help inspiring, driven, and fun souls to live a life that they are so in love with. Please share this information with anyone with who you think it may resonate.