Why wait?



Recently, I read an article that said most people’s top regret at the end of their life is that they wished they enjoyed more.

Essentially they wished that they had more fun and allowed themselves to just be.

This got me thinking… why wait to have fun and enjoy?

If you want to truly live a life that you’re in love with, a life that’s inspiring to you, the key is to enjoy it now; you don’t have to wait!

For instance, if you are a business owner and want more freedom, yet you feel tied to your computer 10 hours a day, how can you allow yourself to have more fun and freedom now?

Perhaps that means delegating the lower priority activities so that you can focus on doing what’s most inspiring to you.

Often in pursuit of living a life that you love, it is easy to become consumed in the day-to-day. Sometimes so much so that you lose focus on what is most important to you.

My invitation to you is to ask yourself, are you allowing yourself to enjoy?

Where are you taking life too seriously?

How can you have more fun today?

If it was 20 years from now, 30 years from now, 50 years from now and somebody were to ask you, did you enjoy your life?

What would you LOVE your answer to be?

Now reverse engineer it. How can you live it now?

If you already are, how can you have even more fun?

And if you aren’t, what are some of the things you can change?

For instance, do you want to…

Work fewer hours?
Be more present in the moment?
Have more gratitude for your life?
Have more balance?
Schedule more time off for vacation?

Or better yet, create a life that you don’t need to retire from? One that is so inspiring that it feels like a vacation!

It is doable! The key, though, is to start now.

Are you ready to enjoy and have more fun?