It’s Not About You! It’s About Them!



Are you inspired to grow your business and expand your impact so that you can serve more people?

One of the common blocks that hold people back from welcoming in new clients, bringing in new leads or scaling their business is that they have a block around it.

They are consciously saying they want it, but subconsciously it’s not safe.

Often this block is tied with feeling responsible for their client or customer’s success.

Instead of focusing on the people they serve, they get stuck because they make it about them.

I’ve been there and done that! It’s not a fun place to be. This is where it can feel like you are doing all the ‘right’ things, but it’s not happening, or you are getting the opposite results.

I find that this fear or old belief pops up just as you are about to expand and breakthrough to the next level as if it’s a reminder to regain your focus, let go of your ego and make it about service!

By feeling like you are responsible for your client’s results, you put too much pressure on yourself to do unwinnable things.

The truth is, you can’t want it more for your customers than they want it for themselves.

When I first started my coaching business, my mentor, Dr. Lise Janelle, ingrained in my head to stop making it about myself and make it about them.

I want to share that wisdom with you.

It’s not about you! It’s about them! Make it about them!

I used this as my mantra (and still do), especially when fear creeps it.

She also shared with me this principle that I live by and share with my clients…

It goes like this… Take No Credit. Take No Blame.

Let’s take my coaching business, for example.

I know I’m a good coach and good at what I do.

I also know the power that comes from my clients committing to themselves and taking responsibility for their results.

I’m a great tool and guide for my clients. When I am with them, I am present; I serve them to the best of my ability and provide them with tools and resources to set themselves up for success. Then, I let go. I hold the vision that my clients are ultimately the ones responsible for what they do with these tools and making their results happen.

This has freed up my energy to serve more people and have a greater impact on my clients. It has also helped me to attract people who are committed and dedicated to achieving their goals. If someone isn’t willing to own that they are 100% responsible for achieving their results, we are not a good fit right from the get-go.

Working with people who don’t take responsibility for themselves will suck your energy and time. You are not responsible for saving others.

First, you have to check yourself and do your inner work to ensure that you don’t ‘need’ clients and take on new customers for the wrong reasons.

Second, it’s important, especially depending on the type of business you have, that you build in a process to work with people who take ownership.

It could be as simple as asking them how committed they are to their results.

Another approach that I have found VERY helpful is reminding myself…

Take no credit, take no blame.

Just as you are not responsible for your client’s failures, you are not responsible for their successes.

Take no credit, Take no blame.

I love this because rather than swinging and going on the emotional rollercoaster of the highs and lows, it allows you to stay centred and neutral and focus on what you are good at and meant to do, which is to focus on service!!

Focus on doing the best you can do to move them forward, and then let go.

This will free up more energy for you to expand and welcome in even more people or have a greater impact.

Just know that is often mastery level stuff because it’s calling you to expand and grow individually as well.

If you are experiencing some stickiness or blocks towards this, let me know. Removing the subconscious blocks is my specialty!!

You can email me at [email protected] for more info on removing your block(s).

Have a great week!