Make time for you. You are worth it!



In my last blog, I shared how your schedule is often a reflection of the old you and not the person you are becoming.

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As a quick recap, a few ways to create more freedom to do what you love is to discipline your calendar by sticking to designated work hours and chunking your time.

Today, I wanted to take this a step further and share the importance of making yourself as important in your schedule.

This is huge because often, we are great at carving out time for others (including business) but not necessarily for ourselves.

This could include things like sleep, fun, brain break and rejuvenation, to name a few.

If you have a big inspiring goal and are driven to live a life you love, odds are you are doing many things, taking massive action, and can often feel like your energy is being pulled in many different directions.

These activities can feel very Yang (action and doing) and take a lot of energy.

This is why it is also essential to schedule time for yourself and nurture yourself (yin- listening and going within).

This could look like allowing yourself to slow down, relax, quiet your mind, be in nature, go within etc.

Take a quick energy audit.

Where are you investing a lot of your time and energy? What type of activities are these?

If it is a lot of ‘doing,’ which is something I can definitely relate to. Ask yourself, how can you incorporate more nurturing, rejuvenating and fun?

The reverse is also true.  If you are doing a lot of yin-type activities, where can you step it up and take more action?

The key is to balance both the yin and the yang: the doing and the being.

Next, ask what you would love to do that you haven’t made time for that you know would be good for you?

Maybe it’s working out, yoga, hiking, reading, sleeping more, etc.

Now, schedule it!! Put it on your calendar and treat it as if it’s an appointment with someone extremely important (because it is! It’s you!!).

Taking time for yourself is one of the most loving things you can do.

If you are burnt out and uninspired, your life will be a reflection of that.

When you’re energized and inspired, your life will also reflect that.

When you have fun and appreciate your life, you’ll end up attracting even more to love and appreciate.

If you know this and still have some resistance towards implementing it (which is normal), you may have a subconscious belief keeping you stuck.

One exercise you can use to help bypass the subconscious fear is to link pleasure with doing these activities.

Write out all the benefits to yourself and others that you do these things.

Then write out all the drawbacks to yourself and others that you don’t do these things.

Aim for 25 for each (minimum).

The more your subconscious mind is on board, the more you’ll get into action to do it.

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