Why Forgiveness Keeps You Stuck. Do This Instead



It fires me up when well-meaning people say you have to forgive yourself or someone else to move on.

This fires me up because this advice keeps you stuck in this perpetual loop of an unbalanced perception. It’s missing the bigger picture and keeps you stuck in judgment, blame and victimhood.

The truth is forgiveness is just an illusion.

The need to forgive somebody implies that there is only one side of the equation and that something only “bad” happened. Where in reality, there is always equal support and challenge.

For every challenge, there is equal and opposite blessings.

By only looking at one side, you miss out on seeing the true perfection in the situation. This balanced approach sets you free—knowing that what happened has served you and there are benefits to the situation.

The next time you go to “forgive” someone else or yourself, try this instead…

Look at both sides of the situation. Ask what the benefits of that situation, etc. are. How did this help guide you? How were you equally supported?

Perhaps it helped you speak your truth more. Stand up for yourself. Lead you to a new relationship. Maybe it allowed you to gain more clarity on what you truly want.

When you can see both sides, there is no need to ‘forgive’ someone or something because the situation in itself was perfect (both support and challenge). You can move forward from this place and no longer remain stuck in the illusion that there was more pain than pleasure.

From this place of love and gratitude, you are able to move forward and set yourself free.

That being said, seeing the perfection in the situation, especially with significant events and charges, can be extremely difficult to navigate on your own and takes some time to master.

This is one of my specialties. Through my 1:1 coaching and workshops, I help driven, inspiring and fun individuals do just that.

If you are looking for guidance and support on navigating your way through this so you can move forward much faster, reach out to me. We can schedule a clarity call.

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Even if I’m not a fit to guide you, I will point you in the direction of some resources to help you get to the next level.

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