How to Play Your Life Better



As a Human Potential Coach, I help fun, inspiring, driven individuals live a life that they are SO in love with.

In pursuing your dreams, you are often being pulled out of your comfort zone and naturally face obstacles and challenges along the way.

This is one reason why I love coaching. The goal isn’t to focus on the problems. Instead, it’s about playing for what you’d love, and in doing so, learning how to play life better.

Here is an example of one way that my client played her dream better this week…

My client is lovingly transitioning from her ‘secure’ career, earning good money into her own business doing what she loves.

The challenge that popped up in her playing for this dream was navigating the conversation with telling her boss she was leaving.

This is a family-owned business, and she wanted to leave in the most loving way possible.

One way I coached her on how to play this better was using the Inner Freedom Method.

This mind-body technique created by Coach Dave Buck, the CEO of Coachville, is one of my go-to tools to help my clients navigate pivotal moments.

In this case, we pre-played the conversation she would have with her Boss/ Family member about her resigning.

This is powerful because we jumped into the subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs ahead of time and rewired them even before the actual event.

Once the blocks were removed, we programed the situation to go exactly how she would love it from a place of love, confidence and freedom.

One of the reasons it is called Inner Freedom is that it does just that. It helps neutralize the emotions and stored limiting beliefs so you can be free to create from love.

After bringing her through the full method and pre-playing the conversation, she had homework to help her integrate and practice.

Just like sports, the more you practice, the better you play.

The same goes with real life.

The more you practice and put effort into playing your dreams better, the more masterful and graceful you become at navigating pivotal moments in your life.

My client scripted the conversation for her homework and used the You-Me-Us tool, which helped her communicate more from her heart and less from fear or ego.

I love this tool because it also helps you bypass some of the fear in the other person.

Next, she practiced the conversation. She said it out loud several times and visualized how she wanted to feel in the actual moment.

This seems simple. And it is.

Taking the time to do small, simple steps like this is game-changing. It is where you become the conscious creator of your reality and master of your destiny, opposed to just sitting back and waiting for life to come at you.

Remember, “You can be a victim of your past or a master of your destiny.” Dr. John Demartini.

Practice is a mastery-level move!

Not taking action, avoiding or resisting something often creates more angst and nervousness.

The more action you take, the less anxious you’ll likely feel.

Taking meaningful action increases your confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

The truth is it takes courage to leave a secure job to pursue your dream.

I love watching my clients play for their dreams.

Coaching is not for those who just want to sit around.

You have to be willing to do the things most people won’t do. And because of that, you’ll be rewarded and live the life most people won’t live.

My client gave me an update on how this conversation went, and she said it went WAY better than she ever expected.

She had so much gratitude in her heart for her boss (family) and the opportunity to show up for an authentic, confident place.

Whether the conversation went well or not is beside the point. The real win is that she was able to show up lovingly as herself and not just react based on old patterns and fears like in the past. She had changed the entire trajectory of the outcome by taking the time to do her inner work and focus on her desired feeling.

Life is way more fun when you know the rules of the game and how to use them to your advantage.

I invite you to ask yourself how you can play your life better?

What can you start practicing so that you can play your dream better?

As a former competitive athlete and personal trainer, I see the benefit in having someone in your corner who can help you play at your highest potential.

Let me know if you are ready to go for the next level of your dream and do it in a more fun, inspiring, and heart-centred way.

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Email me at [email protected] or fill out an application for a FREE call, and we’ll have some fun 🙂